Grievance Redress Mechanisms (GRMs)

POTENCIAR’s main target outcome is improving government accountability and responsiveness to citizen’s needs. Critical to achieving this is developing an environment that fosters citizens’ feedback on the delivery of basic services in Mozambique, and trust in institutions to promote change. 


Reported issues of poor care

The programme has been designed in a context where the Mozambican healthcare system faces issues of poor care, obstetric violence, and illicit charges. These are, in part, a direct consequence of limited budgets, inadequate training of healthcare professionals, and lack of human resources. Service users often do not complain due to fear of retaliation such as being denied care, and these systemic issues severely impact the quality of basic services received by citizens.



GRMs to address complaints

POTENCIAR is working with partners and state actors in health units in Northern Mozambique to implement and strengthen grievance redress mechanisms. GRMs  change how services are delivered to healthcare users, address their complaints, provide resolution and offer anonymity  to increase citizens’ trust and participation in service delivery.



GRMs in Practice